"Having stopped regular exercise since my teens, starting a desk job and having no clue about what constitutes a healthy balanced diet, I had found myself in my mid 20s with a sedentary lifestyle which had resulted in a rapid trajectory of fat gain.

I had tried various fad diets which did not encompass any real emphasis on movement which effectively meant various forms of calorie restriction, which would have short term results in terms of the scales, but no lasting health improvements, with the added kicker that as as soon as the diet was stopped and normal eating habits resumed, the scales would quickly creep back up.

I met Matty through football and started working with him in a Group Coaching setting that he had offered to the guys in our football team. From there we started the serious discussion about changing my lifestyle to improve my overall health and well-being.

Over a year working with Matty in our group for an hours session per week combined with his exercise plan to follow between sessions, alongside a simplified view on nutrition (tracking calories and macro-nutrients), I was able to drop my body-weight by nearly 2.5 stone whilst dramatically improving my cardio capacity and overall health."



"Ok, so I got lean. What now? I decided to tap into Matty's extensive knowledge of Strength and Conditioning to start getting stronger.

The Milestones Hypertrophy program which entailed 3 x Strength based work out sessions a week plus a full body Conditioning. A balanced program which was designed to combine compound movements with isolated movements to build a foundation for strength.

The goal at the end of the initial 8 week program was no more complicated than being able to be able to comfortably lift my own body weight. Simple in theory but a good yardstick of your own strength is your ability to be able to push/pull your own body mass!

At the start of the program I was only able to complete 3-5 pull ups and 10-15 press ups. Not bad, not great! By the end of the program I was comfortably able to complete a set of 10 pull ups and repeat a couple more times, and complete 30-40 press ups consecutively.

Part of the coaching I received was to ignore the very yardstick many people use to measure their own health - my own body weight. The other mentality shift was to expect things to change without the right input. Eating properly (and enough!), being disciplined with the work and staying committed even with the occasional slip were the key points the coaching supported with. As a by-product of this program, I was able to put on around 2-3cm of size on to most muscle groups, whilst maintaining the same waist size."