Coaching Team

Owner/Head Coach

Strength and Conditioning MSc
Sports Science
Personal Trainer
Level 3
Gym Instructor
Level 2

Sport has been the centre of my life from a young age. My passion for the science behind performance has been the driving force for me to pursue extensive education and a career working with sports people. Whilst working towards a career in elite level sport, I found applying my passion and knowledge to aspiring coaches and athletes at all levels, as well as motivating people to become healthier and happier versions of themselves has been a fulfilling endeavor.

This is the driving force behind Milestones Fitness. The Ideology is to focus on performance based measures and metrics of health and fitness, applied to individuals to positively affect and improve physical health and well-being. We are not simply focused on the superficial aspects of being skinny or ripped – instead we will take a more holistic view of overall physical performance combined with proper nutrition to deliver long lasting changes. Train like an athlete and the rest will take care of itself.

Coach & Sport Massage Therapist

BSc Midwifery
Post Grad Diploma Specialist Community Public Health Nursing
Personal Trainer Level 3
Gym Instructor Level 2
Soft Tissue/Sports Massage Level 5

I’m Laura. Qualified Midwife and health visitor and through these roles, I have witnessed not only what amazing things the human body is capable of, but also how mental strength can affect physical performance

I’ve been fully into training for the last 4 years where I’ve gone from the usual beginner's outlook that cardio is the only way to get fit and lose weight, to learning and enjoying resistance and strength training to build muscle and improve endurance and overall cardiovascular fitness.

I’m driven and focused as an individual - some may say stubborn - but this trait allows me to be determined and not want to quit! I love to be challenged mentally and physically and there’s nothing better than the feeling after completing a hard workout or beating a personal best - whatever that may look like to you.

Coach/Business Development

Personal Trainer Level 3
Gym Instructor Level 2

My desire to become a personal trainer has been inspired by working with Matty for the last 4 years which has been transformational in my attitude and approach to health and fitness.

Prior to working with Matty, I trod a familiar path of aimlessness in exercise, falling into the marketing traps and misinformation in regards to being able to achieve the physique which is unachievable, in an unrealistic time period with an unsustainable diet.

My mission is to help our clients cut through the bullsh*t of the fitness industry, from juiced up photo-shopped influencers and diet companies trying to sell quick fixes that require long term focus and work.

Achieving and maintaining a healthy lifestyle is challenging in the real world, day to day grind of peoples lives. Like anything that is challenging, it can be broken down into smaller simple steps that will help you achieve real outcomes.

I sincerely believe that everybody is capable of incremental improvements, and my drive will be to help you make them.